Tips for Writing a New Hire Press Release: How to Catch People’s Attention

Digital, interactive press releases[2] are a great way to do this.

Although journalists may be a little bit hesitant in the beginning, your news will definitely stick in their memory. Unlike traditional press releases, a digital press release is easy to copy, easy to download and difficult not to notice. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of press release, check out this new hire press release template[3] or the examples below, and you’ll quickly understand their PR potential.

New team member press release example:

Single New Employee Announcement Press ReleaseSingle New Employee Announcement Press Release
A press release example featuring a new employee joining a company. Note the clearly visible name of the new hire in the headline.

Multiple new hire announcement press release example:

Multiple New Employee Press ReleaseMultiple New Employee Press Release
If you’re hiring many new employees (that aren’t upper-management or of similar importance) at one time, you can include all of them in a single press release.

Employee promotion announcement press release example:

Job Promotion Press Release ExampleJob Promotion Press Release Example
Two crucial things you need to include in an employee promotion press release: who’s getting promoted and what position are they getting promoted to?

Getting more personal – additional questions you can ask your new hire

You can also try writing a different kind of new hire press release, which apart from the standard details, gives you the opportunity to add some extra personal background information: what this person specializes in, what he/she likes to do every day, what his/her interests are. A seemingly insignificant description inspired me to write a lifestyle piece on how PR pros spend their time after work.

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