Press release: Happeo integration with Slack & Google

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 12/04/2018Social intranet platform[1] Happeo announces a global integration with Slack[2], the world’s leading collaboration hub, and Google’s new tool, Chat, to give the Internal Communication department the help they need to drive conversation to the most suitable channels.


The integration allows selected posts from channels in Happeo to be directly sent to one or multiple channels in Slack[3], or Chat. This way employees get to choose where they continue the conversation. The integration creates a two-way communication stream, bridging the gaps that isolated Software as a Service (SaaS) tools can create.

“Information silos are the death of any company’s growth” says Perttu Ojansuu, CEO and founder of Happeo. “Communication within companies and teams doesn’t scale when conversation gets lost or becomes inaccessible. Centralizing company communication and work into an ecosystem of tightly integrated platforms is the future; we call it the Intranet of Things[4]. Our integration with Slack and Chat is a step closer to that ideal. This means employees own the conversation – and the place it happens – keeping them happy and engaged.”

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