Angleton Internal Medicine & Primary Care’s Press Release | Community Health Network |

Angleton, TX, (January. 2, 2020)—Community Health Network is honored to announce the opening of a new health center in Angleton, Texas. The facility opened its doors to the local community and will remain open Monday through Friday.

Angleton Internal Medicine & Primary Care is a community health center that specializes in adult medicine and geriatrics. We pride ourselves on our same-day availability and the exceptional level of assistance from our highly trained medical staff.

“>>>>>,” said Mark Young, Community Health Network’s CEO. We look forward to providing effective and efficient medical services to the Angleton population and the surrounding areas. For medical care, visit us at 2020 E Mulberry St. Angleton, TX 77515. For additional information, visit the or call 281-824-180.

Covid-19 Testing at Angleton’s Fair Grounds Press Release[1]


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