5 Reasons Why the Press Release Still Matters

Google and other search engines are looking for and ranking content from authoritative sources. So, post a variety of content, including press releases, often to establish your brand’s expertise.


  1. Customer Engagement. Once only reaching journalists, now, through online news distributors and the rise in social media, consumers have direct access to your press release online.Most companies utilize the same tried and true social sites and brand channels to communicate with customers. Distributing a well-crafted press release provides the opportunity to rank high in search, catch the attention of current and potential customers, and leads to direct engagement and sharing on social channels. You have the opportunity to reach an untapped audience that you may never have considered before.

    While you’re at it, directly promote your press release on your social media channels with multimedia. Customers and the media are more likely to share multimedia via social platforms than text-only. 

    According to Hootsuite, tweets with video get 10x more engagement[5], which includes likes, retweets, and comments. So, make sure to include multimedia, such as photos, videos, and infographics that add value to your press release and increase engagement with consumers and the media.

  2. Build a Content Portfolio. Content is king, and you need to be continually creating relevant, timely content that journalists and customers are engaging with to stay connected. The more consistent you are with posting content, the more likely your brand will rank higher in search.A press release doesn’t have to stand alone. Press releases are fact-based and include data, so let each fact become a new piece of content. Expand its lifecycle by repurposing it as a blog post, an infographic, a social post, or expand into an ebook or whitepaper.

    Repurposing a press release is a quick, cost-efficient way to create new content. For example, turning a press release into a blog article utilizes much less time than researching and writing an entirely new piece. You’re providing the same information, but by communicating it differently, you make it more accessible to new audiences. 

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